Going for Great

For outstanding schools to learn from each other

Created for schools that are Ofsted rated Outstanding, the Going for Great (G4G) programme supports a cohort of schools on their improvement journey. Our programme enables schools to share and build on outstanding practice, empowering them to demonstrate sustained school-to-school leadership.

G4G has been running since 2009 and has supported over 130 schools.

The G4G programme aims to:

  • To encapsulate key features and qualities of schools in London which are consistently outstanding to better understand how outstanding schools become great schools
  • To support outstanding London schools in maximising their impact on the local, national and/or international community through effective systemic leadership
  • To ensure that outstanding schools are helping to ensure that London remains a world leader in delivering excellence in education
  • To share exceptional practice demonstrated in outstanding London schools to empower and support all schools
  • To help outstanding schools maintain their designation in future Ofsted inspections

The G4G programme involves:

  • Two leaders from each of the G4G schools meeting half termly for a seminar in a central London venue
  • A forum for exploring the nature of greatness in schools, sharing and discussing research and recommending reading
  • Hearing from outstanding keynote speakers on the nature of greatness
  • School-to-school visits to share great practice between outstanding schools
  • Sharing your expertise in an annual G4G publication, shared to schools and influencers in London and beyond

Programme cost: £2,500 per school.

The programme will take place over the following dates:

-  5th October 2017

- 23rd November 2017

- 18th January 2018

- 1st March 2018

- 26th April 2018

- 17th May 2018

If you would like to apply, please email the Expression of Interest form to info@londonleadershipstrategy.com 

Download The 9 Pillars of Greatness.


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